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Cherry Blossoms in the Capital

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In April, cherry blossoms line the streets; white and pink pockets of colour flourish against Victorian-era heritage homes and churches in residential areas and throughout the downtown core. You’ll find couples roaming the inner-harbour seawall hand in hand, while children weave through the crowd of sightseers. Yellow water taxis skirt around, taking foot passengers to popular destinations along the waterfront and up the Gorge Waterway. Artists have set up shop along the sidewalks, dazzling onlookers with caricatures, indigenous wooden carvings, handmade jewelry, and local photography. Every pub with a view of the water has got a bustling patio, full of millennials sipping mojitos and tourists trying their first craft beer.

Just south of downtown you’ll find Beacon Hill Park. You’ll get lost in this magical maze of walking trails, likely stumbling upon a duck pond, petting zoo, tennis courts, outdoor stage, and the Dallas Road trail that meanders along the ocean’s edge at some point. The pebble beach at the bottom of the spiral stone staircase is always warm, sheltered from the wind by the natural cliff. Here you can nestle yourself against a log with a book, for an afternoon of serenity.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing weekend, or a fun-filled family adventure, the capital of British Columbia offers something for everyone. Don’t take our word for it. Visit Victoria today.

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